We’re putting mobile development in your hands.

Capillary is a next-generation learning system, and powered by a new wave of human connectivity. We’re breaking through the bounds of traditional brick and mortar Learning Management Systems (LMS) to empower teams of individuals and cultivate success in a fast-paced world. Capillary is a BaaS (Backend as a Service) framework designed to easily adapt to the needs of any organization or institution.

Collaborative Learning in a Mobilized World

Excelling in today’s fast-paced society requires access to scaleable infrastructures for information processing, high-quality education, and interpersonal communication. Capillary is a lightweight and innovative tool for personalized distance learning, mobile training, community building, and collaborative work. Our goal is to engage the positive dimensions of all human relationships, fostering the accountability infrastructures that serve as a fundamental backbone for all global learning, opportunity, and growth.

Capillary centralizes team workflow in the cloud and syncs in real time, so that everyone stays informed and productive.

Making Mobile Work for You

Whether you’re looking for a tool to connect and train members of your own organization or a way to add value to the services you already provide your clients, Capillary’s compact framework can adapt to your needs.Designed for both internal and external use, our mobile platform is flexible, customizable, and widely applicable for a broad variety of uses. Our clients include governments, hospitals, schools, large businesses, and NGO’s.

We work alongside our clients to develop a custom product that fits specialized branding and pedagogical needs.

Quick and Easy Custom Content

Capillary is intuitive, and easy to use. It empowers users of all backgrounds to create and deploy mobile content that is relevant and engaging. No messy coding or technical skills are required, no complicated or confusing interfaces are involved.

The web editor’s simple drag-and-drop interface allows educators, mentors, business owners, and community leaders to create their own personalized mobile content in minutes.