Employee training & on-boarding

Get new team members up to speed fast with mobile reference and training materials.

Create and assign tasking and best practice checklists.

Distribute the most relevant information for each user and location.

On-demand management analytics

Give your analytics a boost with mobile data. Capillary uses LTI and the Experience API to serve the knowledge management needs of distributed teams.

Collaborative mobile work environment

Capillary bridges geography and cultures. Videoconferences, joint tasking, and real-time progress reporting are just some of the ways we’re helping your team make the most of its collective strengths.

On-site reference and workflow tools

Capillary’s powerful mForms technology lets you create dynamic forms. Reduce paper and streamline processes with native app interfaces.

See how Lowe’s uses Capillary to train seasonal employees and provide in-store mobile reference materials.

Mobile classrooms

We’re building education frameworks based on real, human relationships, and powered by mobile technology. Where traditional learning management uses brick-and-mortar metaphors, the mobile classroom has one student and is always in session. Capillary is providing a dynamic learning environment for students across the globe.

Instructors use Capillary to build and distribute curricula and textbooks while real-time progress reports inform timely intervention.

Collaborative learning

We believe in the power of education to promote societal growth. Capillary connects students with each other and with educators to foster mentorship and accountability, leading to higher knowledge retention and lower attrition rates (citation). With built-in group messaging, document sharing, and video conferencing capabilities, Capillary lets students work from anywhere, together.

Attentive administration

Capillary provides unified portals for learning, assessment, and reporting. Educators and administrators receive user progress reports in real time with individual and aggregate metrics. Dynamic displays let you view data by user or by learning object to get a comprehensive view of class progress and provide support to those who need it.

See how Digital Wish uses Capillary to empower teachers and students across the United States.

Resident utilities

Capillary provides a dynamic solution to mobilize modern EHRs. Create admission notes, procedure notes, and progress notes quickly and efficiently using mForms technology for collecting data on the go.


Capillary is HIPAA-compliant. View patient lab stats or radiology images together with vitals, family history, attending physicians and specialists, and treatment history.


Dynamic org charts keep remote team members within reach. Manage large groups of providers with tasking and back channel communication tools.

Mobile training

Capillary lets you manage and train new members, residents, and medical students with interactive learning materials on the go. Create procedural checklists and reference guides, and distribute news and important memos all through a unified platform available on any Android or iOS device.

Population Health

Grow into your community with patient facing health tools. Support self-care management by offering patient checklists, coaching regiments, and involving patient advocates.

See how providers at Jackson Memorial Hospital use Capillary to manage health services and medical residents from the University of Miami.

Centralized mobile document publishing

Capillary features an easy-to-use interface for collaborative documentation. Use customizable templates to create shared documents, keeping data organized. Include images, videos, and links to make documents dynamic and connected.

Compatible with Mobile Device Management.

Legislative and back-office administration

Reduce environmental impact and eliminate paperwork. Streamline administrative tasks like payroll, purchase orders, notices, motions, and agendas. Capillary keeps files organized and securely accessible from anywhere in the cloud.

Custom & cross-platform

Capillary is a backend framework for creating cross-platform apps accessible on any Android or iOS device. We work with you to custom design a user interface that suits branding needs and strengthens group identity. It’s a simple solution for sharing documents and updates with colleagues and administration for ultimate convenience and security.

Knowledge in the field, on the go

Bring Capillary into the field for instant access to reference information, news, and assignments. Assign pre-deployment reading materials and tasks so everyone arrives prepared. Cut costs with mobile training programs that persist in even the most austere environments.

Workflows for M&E

Assign and distribute best practice guidelines and checklists. Create dynamic forms to collect data and include GPS data, photos, video and audio recordings, and more.

Reduced costs for all

Realize BYOD with native apps for both Android and iOS. Reduce paper costs with mobile documents. With native mobile apps and cloud-based services, your team can stop worrying about IT and focus on the mission.

Turnkey Mobility

We’ll work with you to develop a custom package under your brand.

Get custom web portals, white-label interfaces, hosting solutions, and more.