The Army Telemedicine & Advance Technology Research Center works with Capillary to develop the next generation of mobile tools for humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR). With Capillary, critical information is always within arm’s reach for first responders. Capillary’s off-line capabilities ensure reliable access even in the most austere environments.

The curriculum authority for Kenya uses Capillary to develop and deploy STEM content for primary students in urban and rural areas. By adapting existing eLearning materials and providing the means to easily build new mobile content, distance learning has never been more accessible!

Working together with trauma surgeons at Jackson Memorial Hospital, we’ve developed a mobile trauma care curriculum that displays simple, streamlined efficiency and usability. Integrated with the electronic health record system, medical residents at the Miller School of Medicine use Capillary to learn and retain the crucial skills they need to save lives.

Capillary helps teachers make and use beautiful and engaging mobile learning content for K-12 public schools across the United States. Digital Wish is a non-profit organization that works to empower students and educators by providing training and affordable access to modern education technologies.

Lowes used Capillary to develop the Lawn and Garden Assistant app to lower costs and increase training efficiency for their seasonal sales employees. The app provides a mobile reference for employees so they can better serve customers looking to solve problems related to pests, weeds, and lawn disease. All the app’s data is filtered by date and GPS so employees have access to the most relevant information for the season.