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Our Team

Dr. David Rogers - CEO

David Rogers is the founder of Allogy, and also conducts research at the Institute for Simulation & Training (IST). Within Allogy, he lends his vision to learning and performance support applications in support of the federal government, nonprofit organizations, universities, the Department of Defense, and various industry partners. David received his PhD from the Text & Technology program at the University of Central Florida, where his dissertation research focused on the use of mobile learning in emerging markets, and has authored a number of publications on the use of mobile technology in research and learning.

Nelson Chau - COO

Nelson brings over 10 years of combined technology expertise from IBM, Intel Corporation, and Marvell Semiconductor as Allogy's COO and Director of Allogy Asia. He combines extensive mobile technology design experience with the art of educational simulation and interface design. Nelson's leadership is characterized by his social passions. He has led several teams to teach in various orphanages and schools throughout Africa, Italy, and East Asia. He currently mentors people around the world, and he is a nationally sought after speaker and analyst on leadership, coaching, and discipleship.

Mike Hallberg - Creative Director

Mike has provided creative leadership at NASA, Disney, the music industry, and now Allogy. He has assisted in organizing Presidential campaigns for Jack Kemp and later Bill Clinton, helped to devise an engineering & troubleshooting interface for Hubble, and designed graphics for Prince’s 2011 World Tour. Mike was also a founding employee of Merrimac Interactive, where he helped to provide cost effective web-based training for management, research, sales, and technical staff at Microsoft, Autodesk, Hewlett Packard and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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