Our training platform consists of two features: a web-based content editor and a mobile app with your organization’s name on it. The content editor empowers team leaders, mentors, educators and subject matter experts to personally create and curate learning and training content. The app gives users access to rich multimedia learning, training, and reference materials, integrated with built-in adaptive review tools to help crystalize knowledge.


Capillary’s documentation component for workflow management helps your team encourage industry best practices while eliminating messy paperwork. Capture what’s relevant and keep it all organized with a robust and customizable tool for creating checklists, dynamic forms, data organizers, and stepwise procedural reports.


Capillary’s built-in communication module stimulates innovative thinking with real-time connections to strengthen the relationships that foster learning and accountability. Work together with joint tasking and checklists, group messages, and live video conferencing. Spend valuable time efficiently and give each user the personalized attention he or she deserves.


Capillary’s reporting interface displays beautiful, detailed visualizations on an intuitive mobile interface. Individualized reports provide specific progress and assessment data for each user so everyone gets the attention they deserve. Aggregate usage data lets you see the big picture, for effective and efficient team management. Get data when you need it and focus your attention where it’s relevant so you and your organization can make the biggest impact.