Mobile First

Today’s busy lives require tools that go where you do. Bring your team into the mobile era with an integrated platform for learning, collaborating, assessing, and reviewing. Reach a broader audience with personally-branded mobile apps native to Android and iOS. Get instant access to robust, dynamic data and reference materials from anywhere for streamlined learning and performance support.

Real Time, Two-Way

The modern world is bustling with rapidly changing requirements and dynamic learning environments. Empower your team with access to instant updates and results. The Capillary mobile platform allows you to focus on what’s relevant at any given moment, so you’re always making the most of your limited time and resources.

Cloud Storage

Storing your knowledge in the cloud delivers on-demand and secure accessibility across the globe. Download material once and store it on a mobile device for easy access from anywhere, even without a persistent data connection. Things move faster when workflow is unified in the cloud. Users get instant updates, and materials are kept secure.

Branded Apps

Capillary apps are branded mobile portals to the multimedia content and dynamic tools your organization needs to support a modern collaborative workflow. Users receive a personal, white-labeled experience that stimulates brand awareness and team identity via any mobile device. We’ll work with you to create a uniquely beautiful and engaging native app for Android and iOS, so you can implement a custom BYOD strategy that works.