Employee Orientation and Training

Capillary lets you train and onboard employees conveniently, efficiently, and effectively. Manuals, handbooks, and interactive training materials can be available at employee’s fingertips - no matter where they are.

The Capillary classroom has one student and is always in session. Capillary’s adaptive review tools personalize each student’s learning experience and increase crystalized retention of material. Real time feedback on progress allows instructors to focus on each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses so that each child gets the attention he or she deserves.

Capillary is cloud-based, which means materials can be downloaded to any mobile device with WiFi for future offline access — at any time. Easily design and distribute new and existing field manuals, guidebooks, and other relevant documents to build your own mobile reference library.

Engage and employ your team’s best assets with a captivatingly intuitive next generation knowledge management platform. Increase communication and productivity and foster innovation with Capillary’s integrated approach.

Capillary allows you to make personal connections and build the accountability relationships that foster individual and economic growth. Participate in today’s next generation learning community with Capillary’s native iOS and Android apps for mobile.

Increase communication and sharing of ideas, training materials, team philosophies, and news with Capillary’s cloud-based mobile apps. Engage your team for active learning and retention and get real time results on progress and usage data to better manage and inspire your team.